What are the Alternatives to FaceTime App for Android for Videos Call?

FaceTime is the video calling app which is developed by the Apple for the iOS Devices. It let Apple users make High Definition video calling with their relatives and friends which are sitting any corner of the world. It let’s user to make both the video and audio calling. Install FaceTime for PC/Laptop using this free software Bluestacks and make FaceTime calls on your Windows PC or Laptop


The very first alternative of the Facetime application is Glide. This one is a bit different from most of the video applications. This is technically a video messaging service where the user records video messages and send them to people. The person you’re messaging can watch the person record the message live but this isn’t so much of a live video chatting app as it is a video messaging app with some live chatting features.

Google Hangouts:

Google Hangouts is likely the recommendation the user will get when asked about a good alternative to the FaceTime application. Hangouts is an instant messaging application that supports all the messaging services like messaging, voice calls, and video calls. The user can do texting with around 100 people at the same time. This tool also comes with video filters, stickers, emoji, and many of other features under the hood.


LINE is another popular messaging service which is used by people all around the world. This one features free voice and video calls to the user contacts and that feature works about as well as they can expect. It does focus more on the messaging part of things and there the user can get stickers and various other features to make their texting experience better. Overall, it’s a good app to try out and it’s also cross-platform! This application is available on all the platforms like iOS, Android, and the Windows PC too.


Everybody knows about very well about Skype. It’s a heavy hitter in computer video chatting and it’s also on mobile devices. On the top of the cross-platform support, Skype is merely known for its stability, popularity, and many other amazing features. The user can also text and voice their Skype contacts entirely free with an option to buy minutes to call actual phone numbers.


Viber is another Instant messaging app that has been around for a long, long time. It initially started out as a calling application but has since promoted to an instant messaging and a place where the user can make free video calls. The app is used by around 600 million users worldwide which are among the most of any messaging application or video chat app. There is also a social feature that lets the user check the latest happenings in the world. This application even works on Android Wear support!


WeChat has one of the larger install bases on the Android with well over 100 million installs to date. This popular application has the package full of with messaging, video chats, and voice calls. All these services are free of charge as well. Some of the unique features include group chats with up to 500 people at the same time, stickers, free video calls anywhere in the world and much more. It is a cross-platform application, that works on the operating System and is available free of cost.


There are many alternatives to the Facetime application, but apart from this face time is still being used by many people around the globe.